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Happy tummies of the world unite! rawr!
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This community, created by moi, was designed for the sheer purpose of acknowledging that little goblin in our stomachs. You know, the one that moans and whines until you give it what you *think* it wants? Here you will find recipes, concoctions and more, to not just make your stomach say "Jeez...thanks man," but more on the lines of "Holy shit! That just rocked my socks!"

Most of the time when we eat, we barely enjoy it and yet we have endless possibilities to please ourselves. With that in mind, this community is not for the faint of heart, the person that weighs themselves 5 times a day or the constant worrier of what society says in svelte. "Fucketh them" We say! ... This community is for you to gain knowledge of delicious treats for the soul, as well as give back some in return so that every swallow is an instant smile.

1) In sharing recipes: please state in clear order: the name of the recipe, what purpose does it serve - (ex: is it to fix a sweet tooth, to go with a book, to warm a lover's heart?), any experience you had and the ingredients. Explain why it must be shared with the world and when this food is best served and for what reason.

2) Do not come around here complaining about your body image or sharing your weight gains and losses. This is not a weight loss center and this is for people that are not afraid to eat as they wish. My name is Kat, not Jenny Craig. Do not also come in here looking for health tips. While I am sure some food in here will be healthy, this is more 'food for pure gluttonous delight' then anything else. If you enjoy putting something healthy in your body and have a good recipe, feel free to tell us! But make sure it tastes good and not like cardboard....mmmkay?

3) Do not start fights in here unless someone is completely asking for it and/or it's amusing for all of us to witness.

4) Stick to the community subject.

5) Take a look at memories to see if your recipe has been stated before.

Any questions, complains, donations or psychic revelations? Contact me!
Add me as a friend too while you're at it dammit! xo, Katherine