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Just thought I would say hello and give you the recipe of Goodness to cheer you's kind of quiet in here :/


8oz/240g wholemeal biscuits, like Digestives
4oz/120g icing sugar (MUST be icing - imperative!)
10oz/300g chocolate (Dairy Milk GOOD, as is that new Nestle one)
8oz/240g butter

OK. Melt the chocolate, butter and sugar in a pan, stirring so they don't burn and caramelise.

In the meantime amuse yourself by making crumbs out of your bickets!

Grease a baking tray well...

Stir the bickets and chocolatey buttery goodness together...

Pour into the tray...

Put it in the fridge. For an hour. Two hours are better.

NO PICKING! *grin*

And then chop it up and eat it with big happy chocolatey smiles on your faces! My boyfriend's sister took this recipe and put meringue pieces in it too, but my favourite is just like this, with white chocolate buttons studded all over the top before it goes in the fridge to set.

My best friend Ellie made this for me when I was depressed and then I made my own for my boyfriend and me. It CANNOT go wrong and it is a joy! (And good with custard, ice cream...)

gods I am bad. Enjoy!

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