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To cheer us all up:

Well, I've had a really crappy day, so....

OK, my boyfriend the Master Chef makes this for me lots. It is fab and filling and generally nummy.

You need (for 2 peeps):

Approx 3 teaspoons GREEN pesto paste
Two skinless chicken breasts
some unsmoked bacon (as much as you like, kids!)
One HUGE onion or two smallish ones
Some plain, natural, unset yoghurt
black pepper
whatever pasta you like :)

Righty then.

Chop your onions, fry them til they are nice and soft.

Add your chopped up bits of bacon and get them sealed - give them about five minutes.

Cube the chicken into the pan and let that seal for a few minutes before adding the pesto and black pepper and stirring well, then leaving to cook through.

Give it ten minutes...*la la laa...*

Put your pasta on and get it cooked :)

When your pasta is a couple of minutes off being done, add yoghurt to the pesto and chicken pan. You can add as much or as little as you like but I advise you taste the sauce and make sure you haven't over-yoghurted...if you HAVE, then just add a smidge more pesto...stir it while you add it and make sure it's not toooooo hot (this is why the chicken needs to cook first).

Drain the pasta well.

Tip the pasta into the chicken and stir it well so that the sauce coats the pasta.

Add mozzarella shavings

Eat! Lots! With huge happy pesto-y grin!

*falls over in joy at pesto goodness!*

ps. Some of the pesto you can buy really varies in salt/sugar/fat content. We have to be careful in my house as my dad's a diet-controlled diabetic, but we found Bertolli is pretty good for lowness of scary ingredients and tastes fabulous!
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